Here are some of the talks we have lined up for the 2022 iteration of camp.



​We say "nothing about us, without us" how do we live that value? Can we do it better? Bryce will tell you what he has learned from the development Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab and running inclusive design sprints, along with stories from the development of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. What do we do well, what do we do poorly.

Bryce Johnson

Headshot of Bryce Johnson

Bryce is an inclusive designer for Microsoft Devices where he is devoted to ensuring Microsoft products are accessible. Bryce initiated and designed the Inclusive Tech Lab at Microsoft, which has now hosted over eight thousand visitors; it is a facility where people can explore how people with disabilities interact with Microsoft products and services. He strives to design systems of accessibility enhancement, like the Surface Adaptive Kit, across our devices. Bryce is one of the inventors of the Xbox Adaptive Controller and a proud member of the Microsoft Adaptive Accessories team.

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Dissecting website through the eyes of accessibility​

In this talk I use my experience as a Front End Development Manager & Accessibility Lead to dissect the structure of a website. You'll learn a 3 step process to evaluate designs & code to make decisions across disciplines to arrive at more accessible product experiences.​

Hector Osborne Rodriguez

Headshot of Hector Osborne Rodriguez

Hector has over two decades of software development and consulting working with companies all around the world. He has been specializing - but not solely focus - on eCommerce accessibility. Every day trying to learn, educate & share knowledge about accessible solutions. He's also a casual platform gamer where he finds inspiration in accessibility solutions & inclusive story telling. Currently working in Accenture as Front End Development Manager & North America Accessibility Lead.

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​Accessibility in Communications

​There has been a push for communicators to be more inclusive, equitable, and diverse in their content; however, accessibility remains an afterthought. With 15% of the world's population having a disability, and more specifically, 10% having a print disability, we must ensure that anyone can use the digital content we create. From creating accessible social media content to hosting in-person and virtual events to creating accessible documents, all of these play a part in creating an accessible presence for your brand. As we progress into a post-COVID world, it's time to embrace what accessibility means. Through polling, clips, and some hands-on practice, attendees will leave knowing how to use accessibility best practices to better their communications and digital content.

Matisse Hamel-Nelis

Headshot of Matisse Hamel-Nelis

Matisse Hamel-Nelis is VP of Communications for AbleDocs, and program co-ordinator of Durham College’s PR & Strategic Communications program. She’s also the Director of Communications for the IABC/Toronto IDEA Committee. An international award-winner, she is best described as a strategic, forward-thinking communicator focused on goal-oriented social PR with accessibility at the fore. She has designations through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) as a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) and Accessible Documents Specialist (ADS).

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​Accessibility outdoors - harnessing inclusive AI and disruptive technologies

​How do we ensure that the outdoors is accessible and inclusive to all? Built on their experience mapping the accessibility of places around the world, the AccessNow team will present their latest innovations on applying inclusive AI and deep tech to assess the accessibility of trails and parks. This presentation will share real life examples mapped across Canada.

Dr. Moshe Levin

Illustration headshot

CTO @ AccessNow, Working experience in developing signal processing, AI/ML and numerical intensive algorithms. Holds Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and 2nd Ph.D. in Management (Strategic Planning) . Published scientific papers and granted 7 us patents.

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Building an accessibility team from the ground up​

​Is your organization finally ready to jump on the accessibility bandwagon and include accessibility into its projects? Discover how you, as the team lead, can build a strong, cohesive and effective unit. Explore the most sought after skills that are guaranteed to propel your team on a trajectory to success and inclusion. Learn how you can prepare for the challenges facing the industry today so that you are ready to help your organization include accessibility early on in all projects, and make them more usable, inclusive and accessible to all.

Juan Olarte

Headshot of Juan Olarte

Juan is an Accessibility veteran with 20+ years of strategic, tactical and entrepreneurial experience. Being visually impaired, allows Juan to have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by individuals who live with a disability — enabling him to be a unique visionary in the space. He has worked in multiple accessibility projects with organizations such as the Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Scotiabank, Ryerson University, George Brown College, NTT Data Inc, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and Ministry of Consumer Services,, Deloitte Canada, Allianz insurance as well as taught Accessibility at Sheridan College and Humber College. Currently Juan is the CEO and co-founder of Digita11y Accessible Inc. a company helping organizations be more accessible and inclusive.

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Inclusive Design in Accessibility Entrepreneurship - The Answer to the Scaling Problem?

​Ramps. Velcro straps. Flexible straws. These are all popularly quoted examples of inclusive design. What is often forgotten is that their mass market success was an accident. In this talk, Varun will explore how accessibility entrepreneurs can be deliberate about expanding to new and adjacent markets. Could the answer to scaling new accessibility innovations lie in inclusive design?

Varun Chandak

Headshot of Varun Chandak

Varun is the founder of Access to Success, a Toronto-based not-for-profit that supports the development of future leaders with disabilities and assistive tech. In 2021, he launched ATS Labs, Canada's first accelerator for accessibility startups to build an ecosystem for accessibility entrepreneurship in Canada. His work stems from his lived experience with hearing loss and Erb's Palsy, and his dreams of better assistive tech.

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